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Managing your facility's door/hardware and electronic security assets for multiple locations can be a daunting task.

For Facility and IT/Security Managers tasked with keeping company facilities operating as smoothly as possible, a well-managed eStore becomes an intelligent and necessary solution. The Cook & Boardman Group provides a comprehensive online company-curated management storefront that can help you ensure buildings operate within a set budget while also making the right products available for easy and fast ordering as needs arise.


With your custom Cook & Boardman eStore, you will have the ability to assign user roles, cost centers, and product categories to better manage your program on a national level with a nationwide distribution and installation partner.


Request Your Personalized eStore Demo

Our eStore experiences are custom-built for your needs based on the facility(s) that you are managing and are geared toward users who repeatedly purchase the same products for those facilities.

Please take a few moments to complete the form below so we can understand your business and how we can help you.


Standardize Materials & Purchasing

A lot of time was spent making sure the door materials meet your security, function, appearance, quality, and code needs.  But, if your material is being sourced from a local door distributor for each project, those standards are likely being ignored.

We customize your storefront to make it easy for your buyers to access a curated storefront highlighting the pre-approved product lines and solutions. The user-friendly platform empowers your team to perform essential tasks more efficiently - while giving you the control you need to maintain site/facility consistency.


Budget-Friendly Savings

As your nationwide distributor and installation partner, we can pass on our buying power to help reduce your maintenance and facility operating costs and get materials faster.

Our negotiated prices enable significant savings versus the current model of buying each project individually.


Nationwide Partner

Our nationwide network of suppliers and manufacturers means your materials can be sourced and shipped faster to minimize disruptions.

Warranties can be a complex process and if a piece of hardware fails, you must contact the General Contractor, who has to contact the local distributor who supplied the product, who then contacts the factory, who then sends out a replacement part. We can simply this process via and offer superior warranty and aftermarket support with a national network of technicians and installers.

Need us to link into your existing procurement systems? No problem.


Punchout / Enterprise Purchasing

A PunchOut integration will simplify the order process and streamline buyer efficiency. The Cook and Boardman Partnership Group is ready to implement PunchOut solutions with all the popular and highly utilized eProcurement applications like Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and many more. 


Linked Accounts

One account for All Access! Current Cook & Boardman / Division Company customers now have the ability to link branch accounts with an online account. Shop an extensive online product offering, create shopping lists, view & pay invoices, manage users and much more! New to Cook & Boardman? Start a Credit Request application online.